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We are here to provide you with all the information and links you might desire regarding London Motor Racing including news and reviews from racing in other capital cities across the globe. The French Automobile club the first official Grand Prix in 1906 at Le Mans. Car manufacturers quickly became eager to get involved and chose to sponsor the racing drivers by offering huge amounts of money to assist with the design of ever more competitive cars.

Monaco Grand Prix was originally run in 1933, by which time motor racing had already become established as a big business sport, with major car manufacturers and big name sponsors basking in the glory of the race.

Collecting race memorabilia is one way to have this glory rub off on you too, in a small way, and it can also be quite financially prudent. It is a good idea to specialize in a particular category, such as post-war, pre-war, and modern day motor sport collectables.

Obviously the older examples will fetch far greater prices on the market due to their scarcity.

Once you have decided which era you want to concentrate on you ought to consider what sort of material you want to specialize in, for example in rare autographs, race attire, hand signed photos, helmets, event programmes, caps, and framed presentations.

It is always critical to inspect the condition of any sports memorabilia before you buy, although you have to be realistic and expect some signs of age and usage. Please get in touch with us if you wish to know more about Motor Racing News.

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